GFZ Seismological Data Archive

Networks archived at GEOFON

The GEOFON archive includes over 170 seismic networks with more than 6600 stations, spanning 29 years from 1993 to today. Most data is open. Data access methods

In the table below
  • Virtual networks are collections of stations which belong to two or more different networks.
  • Special Task Force experiments from GFZ are displayed as temporary networks.

Station coordinates may be found as StationXML or KML format from the network's own page, or for all networks.

R Restricted access networks/stations - waveforms for these are not currently available with fdsnws-dataselect.
A Availability service for each network/station - presents details of archived time windows.
i The station information service.
D This seismic network's data set has a DOI. Use this when citing this network's data.
E Network contributed to EIDA.
All Permanent 38 Temporary 134 Virtual 6 Restricted 41 EIDA 151

Network description
R D i A
  D E i A

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