The KP Seismic Network

Network code:KP Type:Permanent Identifier: No DOI available.
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Restricted:No Archived at:GFZ
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Seismic metadata:fdsnws-station Time Range:2013–
Description*:Korea Polar Seismic Network
Abstract:No extended description available.

For instructions on retrieving waveform data and metadata (including instrument responses) for this and other seismic networks, see here.

KP Network Station Map

[Re-center] Legend: Current stations:  open access;  restricted. Former stations:  open access;  restricted.

Network Station List for Network Code KP

# Code Station description Begin End Loc Channels  
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1 UPNV GLISN Station Upernavik, Greenland 2013-213 -- -- BHE BHN BHZ HHE HHN HHZ LHE LHN LHZ Station Browser Availability Browser
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