GPS WNRO issue affecting some of the GEOFON stations

Starting from Sunday 28.07.2019 some of the GEOFON stations (those equipped with EartData digitizers) have been affected by the Week Number Rollover issue. A bug fix at the software level is being applied gradually to all stations affected. Updates will follow here and via e-mails to stations co-operators.

We created a patch to address the issue. A drop in replacement of serial_plugin for x86 processors (32- and 64-bit, statically linked) is here (653.9 KB).

Drop-in replacement of serial_plugin for Raspberry Pi (all versions) and Teltonika RUT95x added by request.

An x86 binary for very old Linux versions (2.4 and older) is here.

Unfortunately the above fix has the problem that there are gaps in data when the GPS is out of lock, which happens a lot in some stations. Here is an update that should solve the problem. It is still being tested at GFZ, but if you have lots of gaps, you may want to try it out sooner.

BTW, the roll-over causes a time jump 1024 weeks backwards, which is year 1999. Since EarthData units have been produced 2000 and later, the year 1999 is not recognized and 2099 is used instead, which in turn overflows 32-bit Unix time and becomes year -7 or 1963 according to Unix epoch.

It will be interesting what happens after 17 days when the year 2099 ends. Probably the time will jump to year 2000. This case is covered by the current fix.

Here are the usual binaries:


This version no longer requires Enhanced Header.