Live Seismogram

Selected station
GEOFON Station Saumlaki, Tanimbar, Indonesia
7.98° S, 131.3° E
110 m
SAUI at 20240716

* indicates a closed station. Only archived seismogram plots are available.

Here you can view 24-hour monitor seismogram plots from the near-real-time stations of the GEOFON network. The data from these stations are normally transmitted in real-time over Internet to the GEOFON Data Center. The PNG plot files from the current day are updated every 10 minutes. But if a station is not functioning or the Internet is blocked, delays may be observed. For dial-up stations, some delay will always appear. To view the most recent data, reload the page from time to time. The current day is selected by 'today' rather than by the actual date.

Earthquake event information

See the GEOFON earthquake bulletin for earthquake event information derived automatically from the GEOFON "live seismograms".