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Code Network description Start End Stations
2D:2013 NEONOR2 project (Neotectonics in Nordland – implications for petroleum exploration), UIB, NORSAR 2013 2016 Unknown
2L:2015 Monitoring the unrest of ElHierro Island with seismic observations, El Hierro, Spain 2015 2016 Unknown
3E:2012 RHUM-RUM Network, Goethe University Frankfurt, Mauritius 2012 2014 Unknown
3H:2014 Crustal Seismicity along for the Southern Andes Volcanic Zone (LOFS) 2014 2015 Unknown
3H:2018 The 3H:2018 network 1980 2022 Unknown
3J:2013 HIRE-II 2013 2015 Unknown
3P:2017 Theistareykir seismic network 2017 2021 Unknown
4K:2017 Jasmund seismic cliff erosion monitoring network 2017 2022 Unknown
4O:2018 LONGMEN-P 2018 2020 Unknown
5K:2015 Wanrong Network 2015 2016 Unknown
6G:2017 Dataset of the 6G seismic network at Los Humeros, 2017-2018 2017 2018 Unknown
7A:2019 Multi-scale imaging of the Main Pamir Thrust faults within the framework of CaTeNA project – Climatic and Tectonic Natural Hazards in Central Asia 2019 2019 Unknown
8B:2016 Laptev Sea Rift Seismological Network (SIOLA) Part I 2016 2017 Unknown
8E:2018 Seismic sensing of hydraulic and sediment transport patterns below frozen subarctic river 2018 2018 Unknown
9A:2007 COBO Network, Cape Verde 2007 2008 Unknown
9H:2013 TRANsecta Sismica CORdillera BEtica (TRANSCORBE) 2013 2015 Unknown
9H:2020 MAGma in ICeland 2020 2021 Unknown
9K:2019 Durres, Albania earthquake aftershock campaign (AlbACa) 2019 2020 Unknown
X1:2013 RHUM-RUM Network, Goethe University Frankfurt, Seychelles 2013 2015 Unknown
XC:1998 Namibia Temporary GEOFON Network 1998 1999 Unknown
Y9:2007 Tocopilla Project, TaskForce GFZ Potsdam 2007 2008 Unknown
YG:2019 DESTRESS 2019 2019 Unknown
ZB:1997 PUNA Project Western Argentina, GFZ Potsdam 1997 1997 Unknown
ZW:2004 TIPTEQ-Seismology (North) 2004 2005 Unknown