Archive access to restricted data

Access is restricted for:

  • data from recent temporary deployments (limited-duration embargos)
  • some permanent third-party stations/networks for which GEOFON also acts as archive and distribution point

Access to these data may be granted only if the data user can produce written permission from the data producer to use the data, i.e. from the PI of the experiment or a representative of the institution that operates the network. Requests for data access must be sent to GEOFON including the permission statement. Requests for restricted data can be made using using FDSN web services.

Please note we monitor requests of these data. Your personal data, generally credentials used to identify you to us, such as an e-mail address, are collected and retained. These are used to check whether you are allowed access to the data you request. Summary statistics for restricted networks are shared with the relevant data providers, for example project principal investigators (PIs) for temporary deployments, to enable them to understand usage of their data, and verify that their data sets are being shared according to their requirements. Some of these data providers are external to GFZ.

Principal investigators are generally shown on the network pages as "creators". If you are unable to contact them directly, please send us email including:

  • your name (and institution if relevant),
  • your email address (essential, as it is used for our token-based authentication system)
  • the data set, with its FDSN network code, you want,
  • a brief description of your intended use of the data,
  • other information that might be relevant.

We will endeavour to assist you in obtaining the necessary permission.

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