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Routing Service: A data centre federation for the seismological community

This service provides routing information for distributed data centres, in the case where multiple different seismic data centres offer access to data and products using compatible types of services. Examples of the data and product objects are seismic timeseries waveforms, station inventory, or quality parameters from the waveforms. The European Integrated Data Archive (EIDA) is an example of a set of distributed data centres (the EIDA „nodes“). EIDA have offered Arclink and Seedlink services for many years, and now offers FDSN web services, for accessing their holdings. In keeping with the distributed nature of EIDA, these services could run at different nodes or elsewhere; even on computers from normal users. Depending on the type of service, these may only provide information about a reduced subset of all the available waveforms. To be effective, the Routing Service must know the locations of all services integrated into a system and serve this information in order to help the development of smart clients and/or services at a higher level, which can offer the user an integrated view of the entire system (EIDA), hiding the complexity of its internal structure. The service is intended to be open and able to be queried by anyone without the need of credentials or authentication.
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Quinteros, Javier (2017): Routing Service: A data centre federation for the seismological community. GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences. doi:10.5880/gfz.2.4.2017.001
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Schematic overview of the Routing Service.
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