fdsnws2seed can be used to obtain full SEED and dataless SEED data with EIDA FDSN web services. Usage of fdsnws2seed is recommended when SEED format is required for compatibility with old applications. New applications should use FDSN StationXML instead of SEED.


The current (beta) version of fdsnws2seed is available from Github only and can be installed as follows:

$ git clone https://github.com/GEOFON/fdsnws_scripts
$ cd fdsnws_scripts && for f in *.py; do chmod a+x $f; ln -s $f `basename $f .py`; done

Command line options

All command line options, except --dataless and --label, are shared with fdsnws_fetch.


show program's version number and exit

-h, --help:

show help message and exit

-v, --verbose:

verbose mode

-u URL, --url=URL:

URL of routing service (default http://geofon.gfz-potsdam.de/eidaws/routing/1/)

-N NETWORK, --network=NETWORK:

network code or pattern

-S STATION, --station=STATION:

station code or pattern


location code or pattern

-C CHANNEL, --channel=CHANNEL:

channel code or pattern

-s STARTTIME, --starttime=STARTTIME:

start time

-e ENDTIME, --endtime=ENDTIME:

end time


additional query parameter

-t TIMEOUT, --timeout=TIMEOUT:

request timeout in seconds (default 600)

-r RETRIES, --retries=RETRIES:

number of retries (default 10)

-w RETRY_WAIT, --retry-wait=RETRY_WAIT:

seconds to wait before each retry (default 60)

-n THREADS, --threads=THREADS:

maximum number of download threads (default 5)


URL,user,password file (CSV format) for queryauth

-a AUTH_FILE, --auth-file=AUTH_FILE:

file that contains the auth token

-p POST_FILE, --post-file=POST_FILE:

request file in FDSNWS POST format

-f ARCLINK_FILE, --arclink-file=ARCLINK_FILE:

request file in ArcLink format

-b BREQFAST_FILE, --breqfast-file=BREQFAST_FILE:

request file in breq_fast format

-d, --dataless:

create dataless SEED volume

-l LABEL, --label=LABEL:

label of SEED volume

-o OUTPUT_FILE, --output-file=OUTPUT_FILE:

file where SEED data is written

-z, --no-citation

suppress network citation info

-Z, --no-check

suppress checking received routes and data


$ cat >req.breq
.NAME Joe Seismologist
.INST GFZ Potsdam
WLF GE 2017 08 01 12 00 00.0000 2017 08 01 12 10 00.0000 01 BH?

$ ./fdsnws2seed -v -r 1 -b req.breq -o req.seed