aiUtils package

December 2019: Arclink service is being shut down at GFZ and elsewhere. Arclink will be removed from future versions of SeisComP.

The aiUtils package offers tools to work and validate seismological metadata information (stations lists and instruments) in XML format as produced by an ArcLink server or dumped from a SeisComP® 3 system with the dump_db command.

It depends on a subset of libraries provided by the SeisComP® 3 package.

Development and Distribution

The initial development was done by Marcelo Bianchi with comments from Peter Evans to assist in the necessary implementations of the inventory synchronization procedures needed by the NERA project and, focusing on the needs of seismologists to have a tool to extract information from XML inventory files as generated by ArcLink servers used in Europe today.

You can download a copy of this package here:

  • Revision 11: [tgz]
    Added an option to dump the inventory tree as a single line per channel useful for being used together with the diff or even the diffuse tool after a sort is done.
  • Revision 5: [tgz]
    Initial release.


Once you have obtained this tool you can run the script supplied that will look for your seiscomp3 installation folder (normally a seiscomp3 folder in your home) and configure itself. To make it accessible from any folder the script will place small shell scripts files into your ~/bin folder.

% tar xvzf aiUtils-rev??.tgz
% cd aiUtils
% ./

This package is distributed under the GPL v.3 license.