Alert classification criteria (for automatically classified events)
  • Normal (valid location solution)
    • all events which are located by a sufficient number of stations (>=6),
  • Bold
    • all events with M >= 3.5 in Central Europe (mainly Germany),
    • >= 5.0 in Europe/Mediterranean area and
    • >= 5.5 outside of Europe/Mediterranean area,
  •  Bold Red
    • all events with M >= 4.5 in Central Europe (mainly Germany),
    • >= 5.5 in Europe/Mediterranean area and
    • >= 6.5 outside of Europe/Mediterranean area.
Manual vs. confirmed vs. automatic locations

Earthquake locations are published automatically without review by a geophysicist if the event was observed at least at 25 stations. While this usually ensures both decent location and magnitude, automatically determined earthquake locations may be erroneous, unless revised by a geophysicist! Automatic locations are therefore marked with an A in the respective row. Manually revised locations are marked with an M instead. Also, small events with less than 25 observations are always manual, because these events are published only after review. If an automatic solution was checked and found to be acceptable without manual revision, it is marked as confirmed with a C.