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From this page you can request a digitally signed token to be used with all existing EIDA web services (not Arclink) in order to not only retrieve open or restricted data, but also personalize your interaction with the EIDA services.

Please, select a duration for your token. After this amount of time, the token will not be accepted anymore. After clicking on the "Request token" button you will be redirected to B2ACCESS (optionally your home institution) to complete the authentication.

This work is co-funded by the EOSC-hub project (Horizon 2020) under Grant number 777536. And also by EUDAT2020 / EPOS-IP.

Powered by B2ACCESS at

Schematic View of this Authentication Service in the context of the other EIDA services and Identity providers.
First time logging/registration

In the case that the user tries to log in for the first time an account must be created. It is mandatory to check the option EPOS in the section "Apply for membership" of the Registration Form.

Registration through an eduGAINed institution

Users who belong to an eduGAINed institution can search it in the block "Login with your institutional ID" and log in at its home institution. After a successful login it will be sent back to B2ACCESS to finish the registration, which is usually just the confirmation of the data provided by the institution and a message will be sent to the email address informed to finalize the process.

Registration with a local B2ACCESS account

If the user does not belong to an eduGAINed institution it has to click on "Register a new account". Then, select the option "Create user account (username only)". Complete all required fields, check the EPOS option, and click on "Submit". A message will be sent to the email address informed in order to validate the email address.

Authentication when your home institution is in eduGAIN

The users who belong to institutions which are already part of eduGAIN should search their home institution in the block "Login with your institutional ID". When the user finds its home institution, this can be selected and the user will be redirected to log in there with a message explaining that the login will be used by B2ACCESS for authentication purposes.

Authentication whith a local B2ACCESS Account

If a user does not belong to an eduGAINed institution, or cannot find it in the list, it still can log in using its local B2ACCESS account.

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