GEOFON Software

Currently GEOFON is hosting 4 software projects. The main project is SeisComP® 3; the others are utilities closely related to it.

SeisComP® 3

The operation of the GEOFON network and data centre (archive and earthquake service) is almost completely based on the self-developed SeisComP® software package. It has developed over more than a decade, and has become a widely used package for seismological data acquisition, data processing and data exchange. Its data transmission protocol SeedLink is a de facto world-wide standard, while the data archive access protocol ArcLink is on the way to becoming one as well. More...

Arclink Nagios Plugin

At GEOFON we have developed a plug-in for monitoring Seedlink and Arclink servers from Nagios. Although it is somewhat experimental, you are welcome to try it out. Send comments, criticisms, requests for features, and flowers to pevans -at-


aiUtils package offer a set of tools to work and validate seismological metadata information (inventory information; stations lists and instruments) in XML format as produced by an ArcLink server. The tools currently supported are ai2Table and aiValidate.


WebDC tool for exploring seismic events, stations, and more. NOTE: the software release here is likely to be removed and/or updated soon.